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The Green Team

NEW Organic Cotton Sibling T-shirts

 Big Brother Sibling Tshirt1 374x400 NEW Organic Cotton Sibling T shirts We have developed our own cute and fun “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” logos as part of our Sibling Gift Range. Our newest addition to the Sibling Gift range are our Big Brother and Big Sister T-shirts, $19.95 and available in sizes 2 and 4.

In line with our policy of moving forward with greener products and systems in our business, our Sibling t-shirts are made from organic cotton which is produced entirely free of chemical pesticides making it environmentally friendly and resulting in a super soft fabric t-shirt that is perfect for sensitive skin.  The t-shirt is white with red sleeves and trim neckline.  On the front of the t-shirt is  the babybuds big brother/sister logo with the words “Special Brother/Sister”.

The Big Brother/Sister T-Shirt will make an excellent gift to give the big brother at the hospital or in those early days when baby arrives home and will make him feel so proud and important at this special time in his life.

The Sibling T-shirts are also included in our new Big Brother and Big Sister Gift Packs, that also include stickers, postcards for colouring in and handing to friends and family and coloured pencils.

Special Sister Logo 400x400 NEW Organic Cotton Sibling T shirts Deluxe Sibling Gift Pack 400x397 NEW Organic Cotton Sibling T shirts Special Brother Logo A 399x399 NEW Organic Cotton Sibling T shirts

On the search for environmentally friendly gifts

ww1botxd1 170x400 On the search for environmentally friendly gifts Each year I like to find something special yet practical for  the great  staff that work for me at babybuds.  Being in the gift industry lots of products cross my desk and it is often hard to find just the right gift for the girls (and 1 bloke, but don’t worry about him, he is spoilt by all the women).

I am a very practical person so I like all of the gifts I give to not only by stylish and have a “wow” factor but also I like them to be a practical item that a person can appreciate and use. In keeping with our development of our green policies this year it was also important that the gift I gave the staff was consistent with our movement forward to make babybuds more environmentally friendly.

I was thrilled this year to find these great water bottles.  I keep reading more and more research about the leaking of chemicals from plastic bottles which concerns me.  These bottles can easily be refilled, maintain the cool water temperate and you don’t have to worry about them in the heat leaking any chemicals.  They came in a great range of colours and designs, something a little more stylish than the average block colour.

The staff seemed to love them and I got an extra few for myself, they are a great idea to leave in the car, in the office etc to make sure we get that extra water into our bodies each day.

These ones are from a company called Wild & Wolf.

New Organic Products

breastfeeding tea x2 276x400 New Organic Products We are continually looking to source new organic and environmentaly friendly products.On my last visit to New Zealand I was thrilled to find these organic herbal teas especially developed for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums. 

I am a “tea lover” and think of giving herbal teas as a nurturing and pampering gift that it a great healthy choice for a new mum or mum-to-be.

Pregnancy Tea and Breastfeeding Tea both sell for $19.95.

Implementing our new Recycling Program

The Green Team is happy to have kick started our recycling program this week.  This week our recycling bins have arrived at work which will ensure that all of our rubbish is recycled.  Part of this recycling program also involves staff awareness, notices have gone up around the offices and new bins are in place. 

We area also starting to look at the products we are ordering internally such as paper, toilet paper, packaging for the tea room etc to ensure that the products we are using has minimal packaging or are recycled.

New Organic Baby Lotions & Creams

all giftpack lg 400x267 New Organic Baby Lotions & Creams  We decided to look for a new range of organic and natural baby lotions.  We wanted to ensure that the new range we added to our range met all of our environmental and quality requirements.  We did quite an exhaustive search of many different brands and we are very happy to launch the Caring by Nature range of baby lotions and creams. 

This new range of Australian made baby lotions is organic and free of soaps, sulfates, parabens and artificials, colours, fragrances & preservatives.  There are 5 beautiful lotions in the range, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Baby Bottom Barrier Cream, Baby Massage Oil & Baby Cleanser. 

Not only is the packaging beautiful but it is also environmentally friendly and phthalates free making it a great natural choice and one that got our Green Team tick of approval.

New to Retail – Environmental Ratings

I have just been reading about how in the US Walmart will be introducing environmental ratings on all of their products.  This sounds like a huge step forward for the environmental movement and will force all manufacturers that supply goods to obtain an environmental rating and will encourage them to keep improving this rating.

When making a decision about which product to select not only will consumers be weighing up price, design and quality but also the products enviromental impact. 

When large companies start taking these steps forward it will force all of the smaller suppliers to start taking steps creating a chain reaction that can only improve our planet. 

Becoming greener is now not only a good decision for the planet but makes good business sense and can give an edge above competitors that are ignoring this growing movement. 

The Green Team have some work to do!

Biodegradable Packaging on Clothing

Over the past 6 months we have been working with the manufacturer of our baby clothing to source biodegradable plastic bags to send out baby clothing in.  It has been a concern to the warehouse staff particularly that throw away the plastic bags that the baby clothing comes packaged in.  It took our manufacturers a while to source this for our and we are really excited to see that our latest shipment of baby clothes comes in biodegradable plastic bags. 

I am pleased to see some small results coming.  We still purchase products from manufacturers who don’t use these more green methods but I will continue to ask these questions.  The good news is that it only cost us an extra 2cents per garment for this packaging and I think it is well worth it.

Another small step – more to come!

Eco Friendly Baby Toys

baby basics sage puppy photo1 110x110 Eco Friendly Baby Toys


As part of our commitment to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint we have been busy sourcing more eco friendly baby products.  It isn’t that easy to find products that are environmentally friendly and I do wonder if consumers are prepared to pay a bit extra for these products .
Part of our new eco-friendly baby range  includes gorgeous photo frames that comes in natural colours suitable for both boys and girls.  They are eco friendly made from 100% cotton and coloured with vegetable dyes and also have matching baby rattles for those who want a giftset.
There are  4 cute designs, Blue Elephant, Sage Puppy, Khaki Giraffe and Salmon Lamb, RRP$35.



Lowering our Carbon Footprint

I went to a very interesting talk last week to hear a Futurist speak about the future of business and the changes that are taking place at the moment and will be taking place in the coming years.

The speaker was Michael McAllum (  He was a great speaker and had us all thoroughly engaged and challenging our business direction and ideas.

A lot of the focus of the talk was on the movement towards greener more sustainable business practices resulting in a lower carbon footprint.  I am so pleased that the movement is towards more sustainable business  practises.  This is exciting and I so want myself and babybuds to be a part of this movement.  I felt so inspired that I want babybuds to put together a “Green Team” and have asked for babybuds employees who also feel passionate about the movement to join.  I hope that by having a team working on these issues we can gain some more momentum with the goal of lowering our carbon footprint. 

So the question is what will babybuds look like in 2020 and what will be our impact on the planet?  This is the question that I will be challenging our Green Team with.  It is not an area of expertise for me but I am committed to learning more about it and making constant small changes to babybuds to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.

Ideas, feedback etc is most welcome.