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Business Tips

Business Tip: Penny Young

penny young portrait 399x400 Business Tip: Penny Young

Research, don’t assume! When you think you have a great business idea, research it, even if you only casually ask 10 people, that’s better than asking none at all. Ideas can be expensive to implement and you may come up with some great new ideas, or ways to improve your existing idea before you go to that expense.

Penny Young
Joing CEO

Julia Bickerstaff

julia bickerstaff 400x400 Julia Bickerstaff

My tip is

“Be decisive. Understand your business so that you can make decisions quickly. Say ‘no’ often. Rarely change your mind”. Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of US Vogue credits her legendary decisiveness as the key to her success. She has been at the top of the $300 billion fashion industry for 20 years.

Julia Bickerstaff
Founder of The Business Bakery and Butterfly coaching


Business Tip – Rachel Armargon

rachel 100 300x400 Business Tip   Rachel Armargon 

“Relationships are what count – in life and in business.  Relationships within the team, with customers, suppliers, owners and business partners.  People do business with people.  At Toga we believe in the saying that “companies don’t succeed , people do”.  Our business success relies on the success of our people and their relationships. Our company culture is a meritocracy with a true commitment to promoting people from within.  There are innumerable stories within our organisation of people who have joined (like me) in one position and then progressed through the ranks.”

Rachel Armargon
CEO – Toga Hospitality Group
Medina Apartment Hotels, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels (Australia & NZ) and Adina Apartment Hotels (Europe)


Business Tip – Amy Lyden


amy lyden a Business Tip   Amy Lyden

Amy Lyden

Business Tip:

Continually educate yourself.  Take stock every year where the gaps are in your skillset.  Then get the education you need in the most pressing areas.


Amy Lyden

Blueberry Consulting

(Founder of Bow Wow Meow)

Winner 2006 Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Business Tip – Zoe Warne


zoewarne 200px Business Tip   Zoe Warne

Zoe Warne




“Have tenacity, determination and strength.  And don’t be afraid to ask for you what you want. If you don’t ask, then it’s a guaranteed 100% “No”.”


Zoe Warne
Co-founder & Director, Creative Services
Melbourne based digital agency specialising in online strategy, design and implementation.


Business Tip – Lynda Day


lynda day a Business Tip   Lynda Day

Lynda Day

  Business Tip:

  1. Stay focused, don’t let little things distract you;
  2. Persevere, be patient and passionate; and
  3. Believe in your product.

  Lynda Day
  Founder of Earlybirds clothing for premature and
  small babies



Business Tip – Emma Isaacs


20080404 emma 06 266x400 Business Tip   Emma Isaacs

Emma Isaacs


Business tip:

Being in business for yourself gives you an excellent opportunity to only surround yourself with positive people. When you hire, look for attitude over experience.
Do they smile a lot?
Do they ask a lot of questions?
Are they respectful?
Do they listen well?
Are they flexible and accommodating?
You can always teach people skills and equip them with industry knowledge but you can’t change their attitude!

Emma Isaacs
Chief Chick
Business Chicks


Business Tips


june 2009 5301 400x288 Business Tips

Japanese Alps - June 2009


I network a lot and meet inspiring business women every week.  I love listening to stories and advice from other business women – I always pick up some new tips.

I receive emails every week from business women who are just launching their businesses asking for advice or tips and I thought that it would be great to have a place where all of these gems of wisdom are collated.I will kick off with the first tip.

“Take holidays regularly – it is easy to burn out  and not taking a break leaves you stale –  stagnating growth.  To keep your workplace performing at its best you need to be at your best.   I take 4 holidays every year and it ensures I am fresh, loving what I do and can still feel energised by the business 7 years after I first started.  For me taking a holiday allows me to march to the beat of a different drum which actually stimulates ideas.  However the greatest bonus is having free time with the most important people in my life, my family.”