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BabyBuds Tips

5 Gorgeous Pieces of Baby Clothing

There is nothing quite so adorable as newborn baby clothes. At first it seems incomprehensible that a baby could fit into garments so small, but new parents quickly learn that a newborn baby does fit into clothes so tiny and needs multiple changes of clothes each day.

Because babies need so many different articles of clothing and need baby clothes that are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions, new parents really appreciate receiving clothing as a gift when their baby is born. The good news is that, as a baby gift, all sorts of adorable and practical pieces of baby clothing are available and can easily be purchased from online baby stores.

So what are five of the most gorgeous baby clothes?

1;  Bodysuits

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3 Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old

It may seem like only yesterday that you were buying for a newborn baby, but before you know it you will be branching into the world of wonderful items for one year olds! A first birthday is a very special time and while the baby may be just as interested in the wrapping paper as they are in the gift itself, the giving of a first birthday gift is important and significant.

So, what are some of the best baby gifts for a special little someone who is one year old?

1:  Baby clothes

The birth of the baby is likely to have resulted in the family receiving plenty of wonderful, gorgeous and much needed baby clothes. For some months, the family is likely to have been spoilt for choice as many people give newborn baby clothes and items of clothing in very small sizes.

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5 Reasons to Shop Online for Baby Gifts

With the revolution of the internet and the possibilities and opportunities that it has opened up in terms of shopping, there are now many great reasons to shop online for all sorts of items, including: baby gifts. Online baby stores keep a wonderful range of stylish and great quality baby products and are frequently used by parents and those wanting to give a baby gift that will be much appreciated.

Here we take a look at some of the very best reasons to shop online when you want or need to give a baby gift:

1:  Variety

By taking even a quick look at the net and the different baby stores that are featured online, you will immediately notice that there is an extensive range of baby products available. In fact, the range is so vast and impressive that you will see many items of baby clothes, baby toys and other items that are rarely, if ever, seen in regular stores.

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4 Essential Items for a Newborn Baby

While the anticipation of a new baby can bring much excitement and joy, it can also bring a degree of trepidation as soon to be parents realise all of the equipment and specific items that their beautiful baby will need. For expectant parents the great news is that they do not need to think about and purchase all of these baby products – people tend to be incredibly generous when it comes to giving baby gifts and often give essential items as pregnancy or baby shower gifts.

Regardless of whether you are giving a gift or making a purchase to prepare for your own baby’s arrival, what are some of the essential items for a newborn baby?

1:  Baby clothes

It may sound achingly obvious, but every baby needs an assortment of baby clothes. It is important to remember that babies can go through multiple outfits in any one day and need all sorts of pieces to reflect weather conditions and the need for comfort.

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6 of the Best Baby Toys

Toys will always be ranked as one of the best baby gifts. All babies love and need toys – baby toys are not only used for entertainment, they also serve important educational purposes and are effective in stimulating the minds of even very young babies.

Together with baby clothes and the practical items that are needed when a baby arrives (nappies, lotions, towels and feeding utensils), baby toys make an excellent baby shower gift. Here we list six of the best baby toys that will be appreciated by new mothers and loved by babies.

1:  Activity toys

Activity toys are intended to stimulate and amuse babies. Of course, it is important to select toys that are age appropriate for the baby, but you will find that there is a huge range of great toys from which to choose.

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3 Things that Every New Mum Needs

Even if you are an organised, highly capable woman who prides herself on having everything in order in her life, the imminent arrival of a baby can send you into a panic and a flurry of activity as you try to purchase and arrange everything that is needed. There is an almost endless number of baby products that a new Mum needs, many of which make fabulous pregnancy or baby shower gifts.

From the moment a little one is born, a mother is consumed with spending their days, hours and minutes with their baby and far less inclined to be racing off to the shops to pick up different items that they need. To help women prepare for their role as a new Mum and to help those seeking a useful and desired baby gift, we have compiled the following list of three things that are needed by every new Mum.

1:  Baby clothes

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How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Faced with the prospect of buying a baby gift to take to a baby shower, the whole world of baby products can seem incredibly daunting, particularly if your current knowledge of baby needs is a little bit limited. The good news is that it is completely possible to choose a much desired and appreciated baby shower gift that is not only useful but absolutely gorgeous too!

Essentially, it is useful to remember that there are a number of key areas from which expectant parents require ‘things’. They need to set up the area in which the baby will sleep and of course, the baby will need clothes and age appropriate baby toys for stimulation…and this is just the start!

Baby hampers:

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How to Choose a Wonderful Christening Gift

It is likely to be the case that as you set about choosing a christening gift for a baby, you are acutely aware of the fact that a christening is a very special occasion in a person’s life and one that deserves to be acknowledged with a meaningful gift.

As you weigh up your options, you are also likely to consider how appropriate a particular item is for the occasion, the amount of use that the recipient will get and the possibilities for your gift being personalised. To take some of the hardship and confusion out of selecting and purchasing a baby gift for a christening, here we provide some pointers to help you make a great decision.


Because a christening is such a significant and important occasion, it is vital that your gift is correspondingly appropriate. While there are no firm guidelines or rules around what is and is not appropriate, it is fair to say that a gift is appropriate when it shows that you understand the family of the child and the desires of the parents for the child’s future.

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5 Christmas Gift for Babies

As most of us are all too aware, Christmas is fast approaching and in the coming weeks we will urgently need to turn our attention to the purchase of Christmas gifts. Try as we might to be original in terms of the gifts we give, it can be difficult to think of new and creative ideas and give our nearest and dearest something they will love.

However, when it comes to the purchase of baby gifts at Christmas, it is a completely different story. Online baby stores keep a great range of interesting and unique gifts for babies that are ideal at Christmas time. The great news is that many of these will not cost you a fortune either.

So what are some of the best Christmas gifts for babies?

1:  Baby toys

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5 Baby Keepsakes to Treasure

For the many different occasions and reasons that we purchase gifts for babies, it is so often appropriate and lovely to be able to give something to be kept and treasured. Baby gifts that are designed to be kept and treated as precious frequently carry great meaning and sentimental value; as well as this, they can provide many wonderful memories.

Of course, there is a seemingly infinite range of baby products from which to choose and gorgeous baby clothes, baby blankets and baby toys will always be appreciated, treasured and gratefully received. For special occasions such as: first birthdays, christenings and baby showers, the gift of a keepsake can be particularly special.

Here we cover five baby keepsakes that are commonly treasured by those who receive them.

1:  Silver baby keepsake boxes

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