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Trendy Names for Babies

Choosing a name for a baby is often not an easy task. Chances are, you want your baby to have a name that is contemporary but timeless and will be appropriate for both childhood and adulthood.

When a baby is born it is common for visitors to flock and adore the precious new bundle, the collection of beautiful baby gifts to grow and people to make comments about the parents’ choice of name. Ultimately, the child’s name is the choice of the parents who may have very personal and meaningful reasons for selecting particular names.

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First Birthday Celebration Ideas

A child’s first birthday is a very special occasion and one that is definitely worthy of celebration. Although the little boy or girl is unlikely to remember much about their first birthday, it is an equally important celebration for the child’s parents who have cared for and nurtured their son and daughter through their first 12 months of life.

There are many great ways to make a first birthday special and have a celebration that is wonderful, without being ‘over the top’ or breaking the bank. Be prepared that your son or daughter will probably showered with a range of beautiful baby gifts – from toys and books to cool baby clothes – and will delight in the attention, even though they will not understand the reason for all the excitement!

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Budgeting for a New Baby

Although a newborn baby is small, such an adorable and innocent little bundle inevitably brings a number of costs that need to be covered by his or her parents. In fact, the costs of having a child can be significant and careful, accurate budgeting can help parents to financially prepare for the growth of their family.

A new baby brings changes on so many levels – of course, the mother is physically affected and family dynamics will inevitably change – but the financial details need to be considered in order to reduce the amount of stress ultimately experienced by parents.

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Baby Shower Activity Ideas

If you are charged with organising a baby shower, having a range of fun and engaging activities prepared is important.

Remember that it will probably be only the guest of honour that knows all the people at her party. For this reason, activities can be especially important for ‘breaking the ice’ and helping guests feel comfortable and get to know each other a little.

Planning a baby shower:

As you prepare to host a baby shower, be aware that invitees may ask you for suggestions of baby gifts. Most people want to give something that they know the mother-to-be wants or needs and people want their gift to be useful and/or treasured. Creating a list with the expectant Mum is a good way to prepare for these questions and to guarantee that she is delighted with the presents she receives.

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A Short Guide to Baby Clothing Sizes

In general, baby clothes seem like a fairly simple matter. Like clothes for adults, they come in different sizes and you simply get the next largest size when you baby gets older, right? In theory, this sounds reasonable, but in practice it can be far more complicated. Babies tend to grow at different rates and start out weighing different amounts. Add to that the fact that no two brands’ sizing schemes are exactly alike, and it’s easy to see how things can get messy. If you’re trying to buy clothes as a baby gift for your friend, or are outfitting your own child, here are some tips for getting the right fit.

Sizing in general

For the most part, the sizing labels of baby clothes in the store can give you a good general idea of whether or not the clothes will fit because they are loosely based on a baby’s age. In most cases, a range of numbers indicates months, so a 0-3 garment would fit a newborn infant to a three-month old baby. When a label simply indicates one number, it generally means that the garment is ideal for any baby who is no older than that number.

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Traditional vs Modern Christenings

A christening is a celebration that publicly declares and welcomes a child as part of the church, and is an especially important occasion for the parents, godparents and the child. For a tradition that has been around for a very long time, christening ceremonies actually haven’t changed too much from what they were like many years ago, but there are many ways that modern parents are putting a spin on other aspects of the celebration. The following are just some of the examples of what is new and different.

The venue

While the actual christening ceremony hasn’t changed, people are starting to branch out when it comes to their preferred venue. Of course, the majority of christenings are still taking place in the church, but it’s not all that uncommon for people to organise their child’s christening at their home, at an outdoor venue, or any other place that is special to them.

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Making Your Baby’s Christening a Fun Event

A baptism or christening is an important event that helps to welcome a new baby into a family’s chosen faith. While the actual ceremony only lasts about 20-30 minutes, the party that ensues is a fun time for celebrating the new life as well as the tradition, faith and the circle of family and friends. While christening events are traditionally quiet and respectful, modern families are starting to infuse a little bit of fun into the process. The following are a few ways you can make your baby’s christening party even more exciting.

Pick a theme

Every fun christening party needs to have a theme, as this will not only encourage guests to participate in the festivities more, but it will also help you narrow down your choices for decorations, favours, tableware and food. While you need to keep your theme tasteful and well suited to the occasion, the right theme will make your party unforgettable. When you invite your guests, make sure to let them in on the theme, just in case they have to dress a certain way or bring a more specific baby gift with them to the party.

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The Most Famous Babies in History

While most people don’t start making notable accomplishments in life or become famous until they are older, some people have managed to become famous while they’re still in their infancy. If you have a baby shower coming up for a friend or family member and you can’t decide what baby gift to give them, or you are in charge of games for the festivities, then maybe it’s time to look to some of the world’s most famous babies in history for a little inspiration! The following are some of the world’s most well known babies.

The Gerber Baby

Ever since the Fremont Canning Company decided it wanted a happy looking child to advertise its new line of baby food in 1928, the “Gerber Baby” has continued to be synonymous with baby perfection. The original infant to act as the face of Gerber Strained Foods products was a charcoal drawing of four-month-old Ann Cook, who is now well into her 80s. To be really cute, you could gather some of the best Gerber products and put it into a baby hamper for your friend, to say “your baby is just as perfect, if not more!”

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What Gifts Should You Give for a Christening?

The occasion of a christening is a very special one and is certainly an occasion worthy of a special gift. With such a wide selection of baby gifts available, selecting a gift that is not only lovely and meaningful, but also one that will be appreciated, is possible with some thought and even a little research.

So, what are some of the best gift ideas for a christening?

Presents that match the occasion:  Many parents have said that some of the best presents received at the time of their child’s christening have matched the occasion. For example, a child’s book of prayers, a small bible, rosary beads or a special figurine of a little girl praying have been received with gratitude and treasured for years to come. Of course, presents such as these are made all the more special when accompanied by a special message for the child being christened.

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Rewarding Your Baby for Good Behaviour

When is it appropriate to reward your child and how should they be rewarded without being spoilt? This question tends to baffle and divide parents. While every parent wants their child to behave well and therefore encourages sociable and acceptable behaviour, knowing when and how to reward a child for good behaviour is not always easy.

An important motivation…

Particularly for young children, being rewarded for good behaviour is an important and effective source of motivation. Almost invariably, children respond well to incentives that reinforce their good behaviour and quickly learn to understand that the rewards they seek come when they behave in ways of which their parent(s) approve.

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